Since its inception in 1987, Trempak PTY (LTD) has represented overseas companies such as TENAX International, Bimo Spa, Chori Company Japan, Audion Elektro Holland and more recently acquired the agency for Neophane Spa, Nuroll Spa, Bollore France, Rochman Spain and Smipak Spa Italy. Owned and managed by Graham Finke, Trempak is committed to providing the best products and excellent service to our customers at very competitive prices. We have also invested in our own slitting machines which enables us to slit our films to size as per customer requirements thereby ensuring a faster turnaround time and at the same time meet customers needs. Trempak is centrally situated and is able to provide deliveries to all major centres in South Africa using either their own vehicles and when necessary a reliable road transport company. We have offices in both Durban and Cape Town. All our products are available for export to neighboring countries. Should you have any queries regarding our product or need to be referred to one of our distributors please send an e-mail to or